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"La Gringa " Polo Boots are hand-made with the finest quality soft full grain caw leather hides. We use a full leather lining and our soles are made of Goodyear welted leather, not glued, improving boot life as well as performance. The heel counter is fully reinforced with a steel shank. When you use our boots you have finded the perfect fitting and comfort.
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Price (USD): $480
Delivery: 30 days + Delivery time
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Enlgish Standard Polo Boots (CYO)
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All our boots are made from the finest leather available. Each hide is carefully selected and inspected for defects and weakness. Each piece of leather is hand cut, selected and sewn, then assembled by hand by the master boot maker.
Please complete the BOOTS FORM with the measures that we need for the manufacture: lenght of the foot, calf size, length from heel to knee, usual size. This information it΄s necessarie for a perfect fit.

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